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What makes The Sweetest Thing unique from the rest?

We've been noticing some Sugaring Franchises popping up in the area recently and we wanted to address what makes getting sugared at The Sweetest Thing the best choice.

Our facility is completely free of all fragrances, toxic chemicals, and carcinogens. From the disinfectants we use to sanitize the salon, to the cosmetic products we use on your skin, we believe everything you come into contact with should be safe and good for you.

The treatment rooms are SPACIOUS and have every detail upgraded for the comfort of our clients. You won't find any rickety portable massage tables at The Sweetest Thing. Our treatment tables are 33" wide, ADA compliant, lift over 600lbs, adjust to almost any height and incline at the head up to 90 degrees. Which is especially nice for our expectant mamas. Every room also has a wall mounted air purifying system that kills bacteria and viruses in the air, so you know you're safe when you visit us.

You won't see us microwaving our sugaring paste, unlike the Sugaring Franchises. Sure, it's cheaper to buy a microwave than outfit our rooms with professional sugar warmers, but is it safe? The short answer is no.

Microwaving sugaring paste is dangerous and can seriously injure both you and your sugarist. When you microwave a sugaring paste it heats the center of the jar first, causing the middle of the paste to get scorching hot while the outsides remain cool to the touch. This could cause burns to happen from unevenly heated paste. Worse, the paste can "cook" when it is microwaved, causing shards of sugar crystals to form in the paste. Not the kind of thing you want applied to your delicate skin.

Last, but the most important. We're not just another salon, The Sweetest Thing is locally owned and completely woman run. Our sugarists are dedicated solely to being the best at sugaring in the DFW. You won't have someone who just started doing this 4-5 weeks ago. All of our sugarists are trained for a minimum of 6 months before they ever touch a paying client. Try us out and experience the difference.


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